Life with Dignity
Sparrow Ranch Community 205 S McDermott Rd
Nampa Idaho 83687
(Tel) 208-895-0844 (Fax) 208-467-1265
Who are we?
and what are we doing?
Parents, friends and supporters
Coming together to answer the question... "What is next? We have a common goal to provide a life with dignity to all people with disabilities
Privately Operated
We operate independently of government funding which means... our funding comes from our own business enterprise revenues, tuition, and private sector donations
Faith Based Organization
We believe that all people were made by God and that He has a plan for each one of us... Our mission is to provide meaningful job skills and real jobs to people with disabilities to create life with dignity... to experience the pride that accompanies the ability to contribute to one's own support to result in social, emotional and spiritual growth
Enterprises, Activities and Housing
Life with Purpose
Sparrow Ranch Retail
Our retail enterprise produces, packages and sells various items... One of our ranchers has produced art that can be found at Soon, we will be producing products for birds, including but not limited to birdhouses, waterers, and feed!
Sparrow Ranch Catering
Our food enterprise that supplies cookies to businesses! We hope to be expanding to event catering soon!
Sparrow Ranch Residential
The Sparrow Ranch Community longterm plan includes facilities to house our enterprises, a community center to house our classes and events, and housing for our ranchers that could accommodate all levels of care allowing them to age gracefully
Sparrow Ranch Social Activities
Social Activities should be fun and engaging! We enjoy classes of all types - art, sign language, cooking, etc! We also work with our friends, who are Consumer Support Workers with the Idaho Self Direction Program to teach them how to be more productive
Michelle Elliott
Co-Founder and Director of Operations
Joyce Holman Page
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Recent Blog
Catch up on the latest happenings!

First Interest Meeting

First Interest Meeting was well attended by a variety of parents, friends and social workers.  Thank you to all who took the time to find out what we were up to!  Joyce and Michelle presented a slide show about the history of Sparrow…

Interest Meeting

Monday, May 2 at 7:00 PM Y’all are invited to Sparrow Ranch to talk about what we want to do with Sparrow Ranch.  Joyce and Michelle recently travelled to 4 different communities to check out what others are doing out there.  Come discuss…

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